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Our Families

When you buy a French Bulldog from us here at Blue Frenchies US, you become part of our great big family.

Soldiers Tiffany & Oscar took a solid blue boy home to San Antonio and called him Zeus.

We have so much love for the Blue Frenchies US family. From start to finish, they were absolutely amazing and even still, we maintain a friendship with them. When we first started our quest to find the perfect French Bulldog, we knew two things. We wanted a blue French bulldog and would only consider breeders who health tested their dogs. The bottom line: We wanted a dog who could live a long and healthy life. Surprisingly, there are not a lot of breeders who genetically screen their dogs. Yet, they still charge the same amount. Just take a second to think about that. Not all breeders are created equal.

With Blue Frenchies US, we knew right off the bat that Zeus’ mom carried the ‘d/d’ gene (best for blue coats), had been health tested, and was clear of hereditary cataract and degenerative myelopathy. And that the same level of detail had been applied to the stud. After reaching out to Blue Frenchies US, it was even more apparent that they hold themselves to a very high ethical breeding standard and care very much for their dogs. We will be forever grateful to Blue Frenchies US for our beautiful little Zeus, who is just perfect in every way. He is healthy and even gets to model, getting compliments every day. We get to wake up to his kisses every day, and literally could not ask for more. Well, Zeus has one request – a little sister!

Instagram: @puppernamedzeus

Ed Hubennette from California waited around 6 months for a puppy from us and took home a Blue Pied boy and called him Elroy.

Finding the right breeder can be a challenge. I am so pleased to have found my new French Bulldog from Blue Frenchies UK.

From the very first interaction Marc was awesome. He was very proactive in communicating, very attentive to what I was looking for and extremely helpful in ensuring Elroy has a great life.

Blue Frenchies UK are focused on the health of our their puppies and have taken the time to ensure Elroy is in good health and good hands. I can’t thank them enough and look forward to adding another Frenchie to our house in the not too distant future.

Jim & Roselyn from San Diego took home our Blue Pied boy and called him Bandit.

We wanted to let Marc, James and James’ Daughter at Blue Frenchies US know how much we love our new pup!

He is strong, athletic and so smart for such a young little guy. I know this directly reflects all the love and training you both invested in Xena’s litter, it really, really shows.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful new event, a new precious life we will continue to raise and treasure.

Randy Berridge from California contacted us in early 2018 and took home a Beautiful Blue Boy to Amsterdam in January 2019 & called him Ollie.

The Blue Frenchies UK family really sets the standard for breeders. The level of professionalism, attention and helpfulness really set the bar high. It’s clear that they are committed not only to breeding beautiful healthy pups, but are also committed to ensuring the homes & families they go home to are the right fit. They really care for the pups not just from birth but once you’ve brought your pup home. They were helpful and understanding throughout the entire process. Answering questions, providing guidance, keeping you up to date on the growth and development of your pup. Even after I took little Ollie home, Marc checked on both of us to see how we were doing.

It’s clear that breeding these pups is a passion and commitment out of love for the breed and their own dogs. I feel confident knowing that with any questions I can continue to reach out to Marc & Dawn throughout Ollie’s life – they’ve really made Ollie & I feel like part of the Blue Frenchies UK family and if you are serious about bringing one of these beautiful boys or girls home you can expect nothing but the best from them. All of my expectations were exceeded I feel truly grateful.

The Holcombe family from Georgia took home our first ever Lilac Boy & called him Milkshake.

Marc with Blue Frenchies was a pleasure to work with. He far exceeded my expectations in keeping us up to date with our puppy’s progress since the day the litter was born.

Marc also makes himself available for any questions and advice after your puppy’s delivery.

We are thankful for a connected community of owners in this litter and for our beautiful Frenchie. We get stopped wherever we go about his gorgeous colour. He is just wonderful and tolerant with our children.

The Romo family from Pomona took home a solid blue boy and called him Winston.

Tara from Newport took a solid blue boy home to NYC and called him Leonard. Instagram: @leonard_ribisi

The Ray Family from Indiana took home TWO puppies and called their blue pied girl Ruby and their solid blue boy Benji-Ray.

Julia Bova took home a solid blue boy and called him Django. Instagram: django.thebluefrenchie

Anel took home a Solid Blue Girl.

Gali Ramirez took home one of our Blue Fawn Boys and called him Remy.

Brain & Kat took home a Solid Blue Girl and called her Luna.

The Ortiz family took home one of our Solid Blue Boys and called him Kobe.

Jody took home one of our Blue Pied boys and called him Baxter.

The Arredondo family took home one of our Solid Blue Girls.

The Macias family took home a Solid Blue Girl and called her Mula.

The Lopez family took home a Blue Pied Boy and called him Rocky.

The Calvillo family in Fullerton took home a Sable girl and called her Rosie.

The Martinez family in Florida took home a girl and called her Willow.

We flew out to Michigan to hand deliver Luna to the LeRoux family.

The Russo family in New York had us fly out to hand deliver Paco to them.

We hand delivered Rocky to Missouri to the Nava family.

The Aguilars in NoCol took home a solid blue girl.

The Coppolino family in Indianapolis had their puppy hand delivered by us.

The Thompsons in Manhattan Beach took home a girl and called her Sunny.

Dream went to Ceres with the Mejia family.

Scarlett flew across the country with the Lee family to Atlanta.

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