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We're expecting to have puppies Spring 2022.

When you buy a French Bulldog from us here at Blue Frenchies US, you are buying a quality puppy with champion bloodlines, brought up in a loving home by breeders with over 25+ years experience.

You will receive the following:

  • Beautiful French Bulldog Puppy, which will be Microchipped, Vaccinated to date & Wormed
  • AKC Registration Papers
  • Sales Contract (including price & endorsements)
  • Information on caring for your French Bulldog (including socialising your puppy, exercise, training, diet, grooming, worming & vaccination advice)
  • General French Bulldog information
  • Vet Health Certificate
  • Information about your Puppy’s life
  • Bag of Puppy food
  • Blanket with mums scent
  • 4 weeks free insurance
  • Frenchie Bulldog brand reversible harness
  • 1 Year health guarantee


2021 – Gigi welcomed her first litter on September 22 2021.

We decided to do an elective C-Section on day 62 of Gigi’s pregnancy as we suspected she was going to have a large litter and she was nesting for around 12 hours. A few hours after taking her to the vets, we got a call from the surgeon to inform us that the procedure had gone smoothly and that she had 9 healthy puppies. Each pup fed not long after birth and Gigi took to being a mommy brilliantly. She had 5 boys and 4 girls.

Blue & Tan Girl

Solid Blue Girl

Blue Fawn Boy

Solid Blue Girl

Solid Blue Boy

Blue Fawn Boy

Solid Blue Girl

Solid Blue Boy

Blue Fawn Boy


Xena welcomed her second litter on Monday March 22 2021.

Xena went into labour a day early again. She had gave birth to the only puppy in the litter at home on the sofa!! The puppy took to feeding immediately and Xena was an exceptional mother yet again. She had 1 boy.

Blue Pied Boy


Xena welcomed her first litter on Thursday March 26 2020.

Xena went into labour a couple of days early and we took her to the vet a couple of hours after she went into labour for a c-section. A few hours after she went into the surgery room, we got a call from the vet telling us that the procedure went smoothly and Xena was ok and recovering well and she had 9 healthy puppies. Each pup fed not long after coming out and Xena took to being a mommy brilliantly. She had 5 boys and 4 girls.

Blue Pied Boy

Solid Blue Boy

Solid Blue Girl

Solid Blue Boy

Solid Blue Boy

Blue Pied Girl

Solid Blue Boy

Solid Blue Girl

Blue Pied Girl

Missed out on our 2021 litters? We’re expecting puppies in Spring 2022.

Fill in the form below to apply to our waiting list or deposit scheme. We are only accepting serious enquiries from people who are willing to wait for a puppy from us (which can sometimes be 6-12 months). Paying a small deposit guarantees a puppy from a certain litter, while waiting list applicants are offered puppies left after people who paid a deposit choose their puppy (we take a maximum of 4 deposits per litter). Info will be emailed upon application.

Waiting List: 1 Person

Deposit Scheme: 1 Person

Please note: There is no obligation to buy once your name is on the waiting list, nor is it on a first come first served basis.